Events in Lord of the Rings Online, Laurelin server

Moria Instances

Have you reached Moria and now have quests to go into some instance there?

Are you stuck in Moria without finding a group to finish all instances?

Don't you see any purpose to try all instances in Moria?

Do you have a list of unfinished deeds in instances that is so long that the rain in Amazonas seems like a blink in comparison?

Or do you just want to have fun, fighting in an instance?

For which ever reason you have, and what ever level you are above 55, you are welcome to join the Moria Instance runs that we do on Saturday evenings.

Arkartiel, elf hunter

Arkartiel is a hunter in her 80s who will pull together a fellowship to go into different Moria instances. Arkartiel might be a good hunter, but still has a lot to learn about the difficulties that will approach. Most of the instances in Moria are far under her level, but she still has lots of deeds to finish off in all of them. Some quests are also still to be done. As long as she still have that to do, she will join the Moria instance runs.

Crilin, dwarven champion

Crilin is a champion who will have to go through all Moria instances. He will go whenever a champion is needed in the group.

Dates and time will be announced on the Start page and in the Calendar for Order of the White Flame. We go on as long as people feel like it.

Sign up in the Calendar or give Trincia a tell in the game if you want to join.