Events in Lord of the Rings Online, Laurelin server

Who is Kartis?

Kartis is my nickname on the Internet. I have 10 characters in the kinship Order of the White Flame on Laurelin server for Lord of the Rings Online. My characters are:

Trincia, hobbit guardian

Trincia - hobbit guardian. She only knows how to tank, but she does is quite well. She also loves to cook and eat food.
Level 100, mostly music playing and kinship matters, as well as fighting.

Belkartil, elf runekeeper

Belkartil - elf runekeeper. Smooth as the Lothlorien breeze and fierce as the fire damage from her runestone. Belkartil is a scholar.
Level 85, mostly doing raids, instances and skirmishes.

Arkartiel, elf hunter

Arkartiel - elf hunter. She is the main leader for Inn League runs. Also a woodworker.
Currently around level 86, questing and doing instances.

Fiffia, hobbit burglar

Fiffia - hobbit burglar. Fiffia is the "fiffy" burglar, youngest of all, born in late September 2013, but quick as a cheetah and limber like a puma.
Up and coming, currently around level 45, questing and doing instances.

Qardis, woman captain

Qardis - woman captain. Qardis loves Qailion, her fellow guardian, and when fighting together they call themselves QQ. Qardis is also an excellent jeweller.
Currently around level 50, questing and crafting jewels.

Crilin, dwarf champion

Crilin - dwarf champion. Sofisticated dwarf with his beard and hair coloured by the Grey Mountains of his origin. Crilin makes weapons.
Currently around level 60, mostly crafting.

Hastveddir, dwarf minstrel

Hastveddir - dwarf minstrel. He loves to make clothings and to dress well. He is secretely in love with Tokalin, a dwarf with pink clothes and roses on his bald head.
Currently around level 40, mostly crafting.

Umbria, hobbit warden

Umbria - hobbit warden. Umbria used to brag on that she was Halle Berry's cousin. At least she is an armour smith.
Currently around level 65, mostly crafting.

Iorqwen, elf loremaster

Iorqwen - elf loremaster. She mostly farms and cooks. Fighting is a bit tiring to her, since she is aging.
Currently around level 45, mostly crafting.

Ingiarr, beorning

Ingiarr - beorning. She is a beginner but manages to kill almost everything that comes in her way.
Currently around level 25.