Kartis Shone was born on the Internet in 1999 as an online role playing game character. The player behind the character was me, Cristin Lindqvist. It's funny how many of the other players in the game reacted when they found out that I was a female, and I wasn't a teenager, like most of them. I found out though, that there were many other players that were in their 30s and some of them well over that. I met Richard in that game. We live together in Sweden now. Read the story of how we met on the page Kartis and Kalam.

This page is not about online role playing games. It is my personal as well as professional site. The site is divided into two parts - Personal and Professional. Under Professional you can find all links to work related topics.

I am a part-time web designer, which you can read more about by choosing the link under Professional in the left menu. On my spare time I am currently building up my own company marketing high quality products, with a world leading company, Nu Skin Enterprises, as a base. However my main occupation is music and singing. I teach singing and computer at the Academy of Music and I also sing in a rock band called Dame Wiggens.