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Welcome to Kartis Shone's cyberspace home. I hope you will have a pleasant stay. Kartis Shone was born on the Internet in 1999 as an online role playing game character. The player behind the character was me, Cristin Lindqvist. It's funny how many of the other players in the game reacted when they found out that I was a female, and I wasn't a teenager, like most of them. I found out though, that there were many other players that were in their 30s and some of them well over that. I met Richard in that game. We live together in Sweden now.

This page is not about online role playing games. It is my personal and professional site. The site is divided into two parts - Personal and Professional. In between these two is my CV with work history, for those of you who are interested in such. The links to these major parts of this site is in the upper right corner.

Although I am Swedish and live in Sweden I have chosen to make this website entirely in English. The reasons are many. The biggest reason is that I am a part-time web designer, and that tends to be very English-oriented. However my main occupation is music and singing. Singers tend to sing just as much in English as in their native language. I teach singing and I also sing in a rock band called Dame Wiggens.

Currently you are on the starting page. This is "Home", which is the personal side of me. All the main links for "Home" are to the left...

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Updated August 17, 2003

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